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My Kit Is An Entire Gym. In One Sleek Platform

I always invest heavily in cutting-edge technology to give my clients the smartest most effective workout. Whether we are training from home, on a film set, or on the road. Vitruvian allows me to deliver your full gym Strength training experience in one sleek platform. All you need is space for a yoga mat!

Every weight, minus the rack.

Generating resistance from 0-200kg of digital weight. The artificial intelligence responds in real-time whilst you are training, loading, and unloading the optimal weight up to 1000 times per second giving you the most optimal & personalised workout ever.



"The system is smart too, adapting to how you're performing each exercise — with respect to speed, form and resistance level — and adjusting the weight resistance accordingly on the fly. In fact, this dynamic tension system can simulate weightlifting up to 400 pounds."

Twice The Results, Half The Time? This Cutting Edge Tech Makes It Possible

Four different training modes help keep your workouts interesting and challenging:  

Time Under Tension: For resistance on both the concentric and eccentric phase of the exercise to train near failure (safely) on both phases of the exercises.
Pump: Velocity-based training for quick, cardio-like movements.
Eccentric Only: Weight-loading only on the lowering phase of an exercise.

Old School: You set the desired weight and train as you would with metal weights.

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Personal Training Packages

From boxing to killer strength training HIIT drills. You will leave each session feeling accomplished and motivated, not knowing how hard you've worked. Until tomorrow.

Whether you are an elite athlete, weekend warrior or just someone that wants to become more active we promise that you'll leave Michael dripping and feeling like the champion you are.

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Let's Get Started

From Boxing to Strength Training Welcome to passionate, intelligent & bespoke personal training.

Move better, feel better, perform better. Whatever your goal, together we will make it happen.

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