"Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes"


"Michael Is a Celebrity Trainer so when he hits the gym he doesn't let anything hold back

Michael makes working out look fun!'

Daily Mail


"Michael and I have been friends for 16 years. I contacted him I was going through a hard time and usually turned to food for comfort. Michael helped me turn my life around with amazing workouts that pushed me to my limits EVERY time. I shed over 50lbs of fat gained lean muscle and became the most confident I’ve ever been. He taught me good nutrition and how to make healthy food choices. I’ll be forever grateful for him."

Stephanie Boileau - Teacher


Hard work, dedication and results is what you get when you train with Michael Baah. I was feeling sluggish, tired and a little bloated when I signed up to train with him. After weeks of new exciting workouts I started to feel more energetic and confident about my body. As I travel a lot and suffer with asthma, my breathing and endurance improved a lot while training with Michael.


"having reduced my body fat and gaining 7lbs of lean muscle in the process I genuinely feel amazing with so much daily energy despite my early starts and late finishes. I've enjoyed literally every session with Michael!"


"Within two months I’ve dropped 9% body fat! Also learnt so much about how to change my body in not just the gym but the kitchen! I also love training with Michael because it’s just like training with a good friend. He makes me feel very comfortable and  safe in knowing am doing the right thing for my body."


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Your transformation stories are so inspiring and show how worthwhile the journey has been and that should be celebrated.. like every day!


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