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Over the past 15 years as an elite personal trainer, I have transformed the physiques of some of the best-known actors, influencers, and athletes.

Are you too frustrated with a lack of results, don't know where to begin with fitness, or feel that you are navigating your way through the minefield of conflicting information online?

Then let me optimise your routine and fast-track your progress"

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Gets Results You Will Maintain.

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Who is 1:1 Online Coaching For?

Are You Ready To Leave The Guesswork Behind?

I take on a very limited number of clients to coach online 1:1.
I get to know each client individually and offer unlimited support to people that struggle to achieve their goals alone, or want to elevate their results to the next level.
If you wish to achieve long-term, sustainable results with the guidance of a qualified coach, 1:1 is the option for you.
My coaching is a minimum of 4-month commitment and is available to men & women worldwide.
Please note that due to the bespoke nature, I have minimal spots available.

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What's included?

If you struggle to remain consistent, wish to work on forming new habits, need more guidance or simply want to elevate your results, here is what is included with 1:1 Online Coaching

Accountability & Support

Through weekly 1:1 check-ins with Michael and unlimited chat function


Personalised Training Programme

Each client is unique and so you will be given a bespoke nutrition & training program based on your goal, level, time available, and equipment accesibility.


Personalised nutrition

You will be given bespoke nutritional targets, explicitly tailored to your goal and lifestyle, which are monitored and tracked weekly at our 1:1 check-ins


Form Check

You will be able to send over any form videos to Michael for feedback and analysis


Hand-selected Recipe Ideas

based on your tastes, preferences, and dietary requirements. These can also be based on the time you have available to cook


Access to my 1:1 Coaching App

Where we personalise every aspect to YOU as well as In-depth form videos for every exercise.

Discounted Supplements

I have sourced the best-tasting protein, supplements, and vitamins to help give your body the essential nutrients & energy it needs!


Referral Program

The success of my business has been built entirely on recommendations so it's a big deal! Customers are always rewarded with our Nike referral incentives

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"Abigail Clarke called personal trainer Michael Baah “the best thing in my life” after split from Floyd Mayweather"

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