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Fitness App

Your Body, the Way You Want It

With the demands of a busy lifestyle our health often falls by the wayside. When we consistently put our wellbeing at the bottom of the list, we end up stressed out, overweight, in pain, and at risk of serious health issues. Our quality of life begins to suffer...

Everything in life relies on your fitness and wellbeing.
Focus on what matters by investing in and prioritising yourself.
Operate from a place of strength, not exhaustion.
Secure a healthy future for yourself and enjoy life to the fullest.

Online personal training equips you to cope with stress by training your body and mind. It helps you gradually integrate better habits with clear advice and friendly support. You’ll learn safe & proper exercise technique so you can feel confident, and come to understand how to make better nutrition choices that suit your needs.

Experience kind & compassionate, judgement-free coaching, adaptable programming to make the best use of your time, and a way of exercising that gives you more energy, not less.

In addition to the personal benefits, you’ll be making a positive impact as a role model, inspiring others and creating a healthier culture simply by taking better care of yourself.

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Here's what you can expect right from day one onwards.

Step One: Get Set Up

During an in-depth conversation we’ll get to know each other and establish your requirements, including:

  • An analysis of your goals, challenges and commitment level

  • How often and how long you want to work out for

  • What equipment you have available

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Fitness Training App

Step Two: Get The App

  • View and complete your workouts

  • See your training progress in graphs and pictures

  • View your personalised nutrition guidelines

  • Track your nutrition intake

  • Send & receive instant messages

  • Securely store your personal information

Step Three: Get Moving

View Workouts In The App

  • Watch a demo video for each exercise

  • Receive specific instructions on exactly what to do

  • Benefit from extra lifestyle workouts, such as mindfulness practise

Update Your Results

  • Type your results, such as how much weight you used or how far you ran

  • Upload short videos of your exercise technique

  • Send feedback or ask a question


Step Four: Get Coached

Receive Feedback

  • Get my feedback on every workout you complete

  • Receive specific tips and advice to help you get more from your workouts

  • Includes technique assessment on any videos you upload

Real-Time Conversations

  • Schedule regular video or phone consultations

  • Keep in touch with me via instant messenger. I'm online and ready to answer your questions every weekday

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“The Baah Code online personal training app can save you years of time and effort spent wandering around the gym, wondering what to do.”

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