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About Me

"A good trainer can help you push your limits, but a great trainer will make you believe that those limits were never there in the first place!"

Michael is comfortable training beginners right through to the very elite level, combining his expertise in boxing, creative strength and HIIT training, he will push you to your limits and then still ask for more; Yes he is cheeky like that. 

His sessions provide an opportunity for stress relief and are perfect for those who want to maximise fat loss and get into shape both physically and mentally. You will leave each session feeling accomplished and motivated, not knowing how hard you've worked. Until tomorrow.

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"I keep things simple so you feel capable"

Michael Baah is an ex Police, 3x boxing champion representing the force both nationally and internationally. His extensive background has led him to work with some of the most well known celebrities, athletes & influencers.

If you recognise Michael, it’s likely from his turn winning family fortunes or Gladiators, a TV show on which high-level contestants complete brutal obstacle courses.

Michael has been a London-based fitness professional for nearly 10 years, helping busy professionals become their best ever versions of themselves, emphasizing on training modalities that can be transferred from the gym to daily life.

From boxing to killer strength training HIIT drills we promise that you'll leave him dripping and feeling like the champion you are!


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